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evropaPLUS  offers to you the wide spectrum of the services in the sphere of the medicine, in the sphere of the modern technologies, in the sphere of the business, in the sphere of the transport, in the sphere of the real estates and in the sphere of the finances. Our highly qualified staff have the rich experience of the work with the customers from the different countries.

Medical treatment in Germany 

Do you have a medical problem and need help?

We offer high-quality medical care combined with excellent service.We will arrange for you check-up services and treatment programs in the best hospitals in Germany. We provide you with a comprehensive service portfolio for your convenience, making your stay in Germany easier.


Please contact us - after you have decided to spend a few days in Germany to learn to know the places of interest of our country, and at the same time to dedicate a few days to improving your health. It is our privilege to help you.                     mehr...


          V.I.P Shuttle Service

Mobility means much more than moving from A to B. In particular if you are on the move a lot, you do not want to pass on comfort, flexibility and security.

In our impressive vehicles transfers to business appointments, hotels, airports or trade fairs become an exclusive experience: Our guests can relax in a luxurious ambiance or efficiently take time to get ready for their next meeting.